Top 5 Shopping Centers of Málaga

After seeing everything else Málaga has to offer, you might find yourself wondering what to do. We created a list with the top 5 shopping centers of Málaga. Especially on a rainy day when the beaches aren’t a good option. And what better way is there to pass the time than by spending money on […]

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6 things to do to stay cool in Malaga

Are you not ready for the incredible heat that strikes Andalucia in summer? If so then continue reading for the top 6 things to do to stay cool in Malaga. As expected it can get quite hot in Spain, so it’s good to come prepared. Bring your sunscreen, a light hat and water to stay […]

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Top 6 typical Restaurants in Málaga

There are a lot of places to get food in Málaga. In Malaga you can eat the best food and thats why we created a list with the typical restaurants in Malaga.  Aside from typical local food you can also find Italian or Asian places for example. However in this post I am going to […]

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Top 6 free things to do in Malaga

Have you heard the saying that the best things in life are free? The top free things to do in Malaga are sorted out for you! While I do believe that it has some exceptions it does apply to Malaga very well. Continue reading and discover the line of possibilities Malaga offers to anyone on […]

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Guide to the Fería of Málaga

It is that time of the year again and Málaga is getting ready for its biggest summer festival of the year. La Fería de Málaga is a week long fiesta celebrating Spanish culture and traditions. It commemorates the Reconquest of the city by the Catholic monarchs in 1487. It is the time to take a break from […]

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Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos Fuengirola 2017

What is this event about? Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos is a multicultural festival celebrating folklore and gastronomy of the nations of the World. It starts on April 27th and ends on May 1st. The Festival happens in the centre of town and is a fun, free, family-friendly event that includes activities, shows, food stalls, dancing, and celebrations.  […]

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8 Peculiarities you may not know about Picasso

Málaga equals Picasso. It is very difficult to visit Málaga and overlook the legacy he left behind. In this list we talk about the peculiarities of Picasso But how much did you really get to know about him? Let us tell you 8 peculiarities of  Picasso, you may have not known. As he said himself:

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New Company — New Adventure

Welcome to a new company Malaga Adventures, the tour organisation of Malaga and Andalusia. Are you ready for an adventure? Join us and discover Malaga. Málaga is one of the most ancient cities in Spain. It has a rich historical heritage and a legacy that remains unknown to most visitors. There is so much to […]

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