Erasmus Trips

Are you ready for an adventure?

Are you a new Erasmus in Málaga and you want to discover Andalusia and Morocco? Congratulations, you found the best place!

Our company was born with the idea of showing our culture in a fun and enjoyable way. For this reason, every week we organize trips for Erasmus and students who want to discover the soul of Andalusia and Morocco.

The name of Malaga Adventures defines quickly our philosophy; for us traveling is not just taking pictures, it’s sharing unforgettable moments while learning about new cities and new cultures.

Our team is made of young people who were also Erasmus in other countries and that now, as official tour guides, show these beautiful places to other students.
We differentiate ourselves from other companies from different reasons, but one of the most important is that with our team is impossible to get bored and don’t discover new things; who made a visit with us can perfectly understand what we are talking about! We don’t simply walk with a group of 50 people around, because, when we make a trip, we look for the best quality. For this reason, we use to divide our groups in smaller groups made by 20 people so each one has an official tour guide in Spanish or English.

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