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It is that time of the year again and Málaga is getting ready for its biggest summer festival of the year. La Fería de Málaga is a week long fiesta celebrating Spanish culture and traditions. It commemorates the Reconquest of the city by the Catholic monarchs in 1487. It is the time to take a break from a daily routine and have some fun! Officially, the festivities begin on Saturday August 12 and end the following Saturday on August 19. But we have good news. The party really starts on Friday night so dress up and let’s go see the midnight fireworks!

What do you need to know about the fair?

It is one of the biggest summer events in Spain. It is hot, sociable and fun. Every day there are two parts to the celebrations – the day fería and the night fería.

The day fería takes place in the city centre where the streets are filled with concerts and dance performances. Women put on traditional flamenco dresses and wear flowers in their hair. The streets are decorated and the city squares are filled with food stands and pink wine barrels. The typical wine of Cartojal flows like water. It is sweet, it is ice cold and it hits the spot on a hot August afternoon.

By all means, the Spanish know how to party. Around 2 PM the streets of Málaga resemble a music festival and the dance clubs, that normally open around midnight, welcome the partygoers for a round of Despacito. Everybody has a great time and around 7 PM the entertainment moves from the day fería to the night fería.

The night fería takes place at the Recinto Ferial about 20 min ride from the city centre. During the week of the fair there are shuttle buses running between the two locations. They are marked F, they depart from Alameda Principal and they run all night. The bus fare is €1.50 for a single ticket or €9.95 for 10 rides with a special Fería bus card. In other words, you don’t have to worry about late hours and taxi fares. The fairground, also known as El Real, is an outdoor site filled with rollercoasters, attractions, foodstands, bars and discos. It is a place of fun for all generations. After dark, the entertainment is cooler, glitzier and has something to offer for everyone so let’s go and have some fun!

How to go between the two fairgrounds? Basically, just follow the crowd!


And what daily schedule do we recommend?

 Beachtime  City centre    El Real    A few hours of sleep    Repeat!

¡Viva la Fería!  For more info visit the official website of the Fería de Málaga:

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