There are more interesting ways to get your shopping done than going to a supermarket or a mall. In this list I’m going to introduce some of the markets of Málaga to you, both food markets and markets for everything else.

Since these places are bound to be crowded, be aware of pickpockets however!

There are some things that are universally nice, that you can do no matter where you are right now. One of those things is looking at sunsets. Here are a few places in Málaga from which you can witness a beautiful sunset.

Tired of the city of Málaga already? Don’t worry, there is so much more to see in the province of Málaga than just its capital. In the following post you will learn something about the other towns in province, some of which we offer trips to.

On April 11 and 12 we had the pleasure of participating in the Foro Ser Emprendedor (Being An Entrepreneur Forum), organized in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga for the sixth time.

After seeing everything else Málaga has to offer, you might find yourself wondering what to do. Especially on a rainy day when the beaches aren’t a good option. And what better way is there to pass the time than by spending money on things you don’t necessarily need. You should especially look out for sales.
Apart from the stores all over the city center, Málaga also has different shopping centers throughout the city.

There are a lot of places to get food in Málaga. Aside from typical local food you can also find Italian or Asian places for example. However in this post I am going to focus on places that serve typical local food. There is no way to possibly list all the food places of Málaga, so I am just going to list some of the restaurants the city has to offer.