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About Malaga Adventures

Here in Málaga Adventures, our work is our passion. We undertook this project having a clear idea in our mind: supply the best guided tours in Malaga.

Therefore we were finalists in the junior awards for “best company in Málaga” and we took part in the project “Ikea Talento”.

What makes the difference between us and other Free Tours in Málaga, most importantly are our guided tours based on entertaining and funny explanations. To ensure that adults, young people and children enjoy discovering our city in a different way.

We strongly believe in leisure and cultural kind of tourism. We want to show that Málaga has much more than sun and beach. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe where are preserved historical vestiges almost everywhere. For this reason, for us, tourism is not only taking pictures. Tourism also is discovering the fascinating culture and history that Málaga keeps in its streets and buildings.

We have daily free tours, guided tours of the Alcazaba  (or the Alcazaba website) and private tours in Málaga and all around Andalusia. The tours are provided in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

In Málaga Adventures we don’t just tell stories, we create experiences impossible to forget.


Do you join our adventure?


Malaga Adventures guides are professional and accredited official guides of Andalusia.

Our company mission is in a friendly and funny way to deliver pleasurable impression about Malaga and Andalusia in general. Discover its authenticity and potential for your own adventures. Make your journey unforgettable whether you are traveling alone, with family or your beloved pets.

Our main secret of success and positive feedback is to be in love with what you do.

We gladly welcome to participate in our internship programs for young professionals with a passion for traveling, guiding or digital marketing with your boldest ideas. After a successful internship, we also offer full-time positions in the company.

Meet our Team

Tour Guide
Office Manager
Tour Guide
Tour Guide Dog
Tour Guide
I fall in love with Málaga and the company!
I discovered working in an international team as an amazing adventure.
Digital Marketing
I discovered that working actually could be really joyful!
Social Media
A fantastic experience with a fantastic team!
Tour Guide
Profession of your dreams
How would you like to contribute and what experiance to gain?

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