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Why choose us?

👫 Personal experience 👪

We like to keep our groups small in order to give a personalized tour. The use of illustrations, maps and other audio-visual materials is a very important part of our tours.

Multilingual tours

All our tours are provided in 🇪🇸 and 🇬🇧 in two separate groups. For more languages 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇹, please contact usto check the availability.

🐕 Pet friendly 🐕

Bring your pets to the tour! We love animals and we think they should have a good time with you! We have the first dog tour guide in Spain!

Better than a thousand words

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Malaga Adventures: Our Activities

Free Walking Tour

With this guided tour of Málaga, you decide the price at the end of the tour!

Doing a tour should be fun and entertaining.

For this reason, since it’s your first experience in the city and with Málaga Adventures, we prefer that you decide the price depending on how much you enjoyed the tour.

We are sure that this will be the best Free Walking Tour Málaga of your vacation!

Alcazaba Tour

The  Alcazaba is one the most important buildings of the city and you cannot leave málaga without visiting it with our Alcazaba Tour.

Our tour guides of Málaga Adventures will explain you the history of Al-Andalus, the Islamic art of the Nasrid palace, its inexpugnable fortress and the symbology of its beautiful gardens and fountains.

It is one of our best visits in Malaga. 

Private Tour

It is the perfect option for a group of friends, a family or a company team to have fun while discovering Málaga.

This is a private tour in Málaga only for them and at the best price; we will adapt the tour according to the necessities of the group (starting time, interests, needs).

You can personalize the tour including for example the visit of the Alcazaba, Tapas tasting or a visit to another city of Andalusia. 

Student Groups

Every year we receive more than 100 schools that choose us to realize a tour with us, educational visits or excursions in Andalusia.

We are the best company in organizing visits for student groups and we are sure your students will enjoy a lot learning with us!


Málaga Adventures is not only famous for the best guided tours in Málaga but also because we realize incredible experiences to discover the nature and the beaches close to the city.

The best way to disconnect after some cultural tourism!

Trekking: Sunset at Monte San Antón or Gibralfaro

Our trekking/hiking experiences are suitable for all ages, unless if you have mobility problems. The aim of this activity is to reach the top of the mountain from where you can enjoy an amazing view, have a picnic and watch a beautiful sunset. 

BBQ on the beach with sport activities

It’s not the same to sunbathe on the Malagueta beach as any other tourist or to come to one of our barbecues

We organize these events on a lovely beach, where you will make new friends and have the possibility to play volleyball, use kayak or paddle surf.

Are you ready for the adventure in Málaga?

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