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Meeting time

10:00 AM, 12:00 PM

Meeting point

Plaza del Obispo


1h 45mins




Free tour Malaga

Welcome to the most beautiful city in Spain: Málaga!

If you have just arrived and want to explore the city but don’t know where to start…our Free Walking Tour is the best starting point!

With our Free Tour Málaga, we will show you the most emblematic monuments and streets of the city, as well as the hidden local spots that tourists don’t usually get the chance to see.

In just one tour, you will discover the main sights of the historic centre, starting with the Cathedral and finishing in front of the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba.

This tour is perfect for people of all ages! And, of course, your four-legged friends are more than welcome to tag along – the more the merrier!

Reserve a place online and find us at Plaza del Obispo with our red -shirt!

So…Are you ready for the best Free Tour in Malaga?


✅ Local food

✅ Best advises

✅ Fun tour

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Meeting Point - Plaza del Obispo

Meeting Point - Plaza del Obispo

What to know


Every day: 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM


1h 45mins


With a free tour, the price is open, i.e. you can decide the amount you pay depending on how much you enjoyed the tour – but we are sure you will love it!

Our tours are designed by local guides who love their city and want to show you all it has to offer: stories, culture, architecture, legends and much more!


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Meeting point

Plaza del Obispo. Check the map

How to recognize our tour guides?

The guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point and he/she will be wearing the red t-shirt of Málaga Adventures and red umbrellas.

They will be very easy to recognize.

End point

On Alcazabilla street, in front of the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba.


Suitable for all ages / Wheelchair friendly

Tour Route

The Cathedral of Málaga

The Cathedral of Málaga is a symbol of the city, famous for the fact that it was never finished and was consequently given the charming nickname “La Manquita” (The Little One-armed Lady).

Discover its amazing history and why the Cathedral is unfinished!

Calle Marqués de Larios

This is the main street of Málaga and is a popular spot for shopping. The construction of this street is linked to a local delicacy – the sweet wine of Málaga!

Come and hear the intriguing and amusing tale regarding the eponymous founder of this street, Marqués de Larios!

Market Ataranzas

This is the main market of Málaga and equally loved by tourists and local people. The building was formally a Muslim shipyard, which gives it its name, since ataranzas means shipyard. The building itself is visually stunning, with this unique marriage of 14th century Moorish architecture with 19th century industrial design, completed with a stained-glass window depicting the city’s main landmarks.

Come and taste the freshest produce in the city!

San Juan's Church

This church was once a mosque and has a peculiar structure due to the tower at its main entrance. Find out why the church has the unusual nickname, Church of the Five Balls!

Flowers’ Square

This square was formally the central hub of the prostitute district – but, instead of neon lights, flowers were used! We will also introduce you to the most iconic flower in Málaga…and maybe even dance some flamenco, if you’re lucky!

Constitution Square

Named after the vote for the Constitution in Spain, this is one of the most emblematic squares in Málaga. This square hosts many public events and celebrations – come and learn about some of the most iconic fiestas in Spain!

Café Central

This is one of the oldest cafés in Málaga and gave rise to a new system for ordering coffee. Learn how to order your coffee like a true malagueño – the locals will be so impressed!

Alcazabilla Street

We finish the tour with the oldest monuments in the city the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba. The Alcazaba, which is the Muslim fortress and palace, is central to the history of Málaga and is the reason for which the Christian reconquest of the city was so difficult. Admire the stunning architecture and follow the tour with a glass of the famous sweet wine in El Pimpi, a restaurant partly-owned by our local celebrity, Antonio Banderas!

Why choose us?

Personal experience

We like to keep our groups small in order to give a personalized tour. The use of illustrations, maps and other audio-visual materials is a very important part of our tours.

Multilingual Tours

Our tours are provided in English and Spanish, in two separated groups. For more languages (Italian, French or German), you should contact us first.

Pet friendly

Bring your pets to the tour! We love animals and we think they should have a good time with you! We have the first dog tour guide in Spain!

People talking about us

Abd elkader Abd elhalim
Abd elkader Abd elhalim
09:52 29 Aug 19
It was a nice tour in Alcazaba, a lot of knowledge and fun by Anna the tour guide. highly recommended.
L3onie B
L3onie B
11:38 11 Jul 19
Last week I did the Free Tour of Malaga Adventures and it was awesome!!! I enjoyed it a lot. I really liked the tour... guide because she was so friendly, funny and open. She showed us the city in a different way and after the tour I felt almost like a real malageño ;)read more
Calugher Simona
Calugher Simona
15:04 31 May 19
Had an amazing experience with Malaga Adventures. The guide was very well prepared. The tour was fun and informative.... Would definitely recommend doing it on the first days of vacationread more
Jossy Munro
Jossy Munro
14:36 27 May 19
I went on the free walking tour with Imma and I had a great time! Imma was really friendly and her style was both... humorous and informative; there was certainly a lot of laughter during the tour! I learnt a lot about the history and culture of Malaga (and also Andalusia in general), and I think the different stops on the tour were really well chosen. The tour lasted 1 hour 30 mins and was the perfect way of getting an insight into this fantastic city!read more
Immacolata Calicchio
Immacolata Calicchio
15:23 31 Jan 19
I really enjoy the tour! it was a good way to discover the city and learn a lot of tips about Malaga! Highly... recommended!read more
Laura Watermann
Laura Watermann
13:38 18 Dec 18
Best free tours in Málaga! Not only very entertaining, you also learn a lot about Málaga's most interesting places,... its history and hidden charms! I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Málaga. Also: Ask the guide for recommendations for tapas places, bars, museums etc. Their tips were really useful for me during my stay in the city :)read more
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Free Tour?

Even if the literal translation of Free Tour is “Tour gratis” the real meaning come from the concept “Free price”.

With a free tour, the price is open; you are the one who decides what amount you want to give depending on your level of satisfaction.

Thanks to this kind of tour, anyone, regardless of the budget, can have access to the history and the culture of the city, something that until not long ago was much more expensive and not everyone could afford it during the vacation.

Are there Free Tours every day of the year?

Yes! Every day we offer a Free Tour at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, just join us at Plaza del Obispo (in front of the cathedral). As a general rule when the groups are less than 4 people the tour may be canceled, but no worries – rarely happens.

How do I find you on the Free Tour?

Come to Plaza de la Obispo, in front of the cathedral and look for a guide with the red t-shirt and umbrella. Say hi and start your adventure!

We recommend you arrive 10 minutes in advance.

Where does the Free Tour end?

On Alcazabilla street, in front of the Roman Theater and the Alcazaba.
A perfect place to grab a drink or something to eat!

Whats is the difference between a Free Tour and a normal visit?

The main difference between the free tour and a normal tour, is that the traveler decides the price at the end of the tour based on his/her level of satisfaction. In this way he/she has a power of decision that they did not have before.

With a traditional tour, you pay it in advance and if you don’t like it well… you have bad luck!

In this way, it’s better for the traveler since he/she can decide the price depending on the experience and the satisfaction, he/she does not feel “cheated” if at the end of the visit feels that he/she has paid more than he/she should.

Why the quality of Malaga Adventures' tour is so high?

It’s very easy to answer this question 🙂

We don’t know how much we will get at the end of the tour, that’s why we always give our best during the tour!

We try to be fun, by giving pleasant and entertaining explanations.We ask questions involving the tourists and trying to catch their attention always in a way that they forget about theirs phones and the time flies by having fun together.

We explain hidden parts of the city, telling histories that not everyone knows because we like to study and prepare our tours. We like to work hard on our visits because part of our benefits depends on them.

In this way, we create an unique experience and we assure you that sometimes we have more fun by just seeing how the travelers enjoy knowing Málaga.

The real reason why Málaga Adventures is so good, are its super tour guides!

Do we have a break during the tour?

Yes but unlike other Free Tours we do not stop in an “associated” restaurant in which we can take commissions.

We stop for ten minutes at one of our favourite places, the Atarazanas market, a beautiful market where you can taste or buy some typical products at a very good price, talk with your guide or go to the bathroom.

Is it necessary to book the Free Tour?

Booking the Free Tour is not compulsory but we recommend to do it, especially during the high season.

In any case, if you haven’t booked, don’t worry. Come 15 minutes before the tour and we will make the booking for you.

What happens if I am late for the tour?

Don’t worry, who hasn’t been late sometimes?

First thing if it’s possible, try to send us a message by Whatsapp to let the guide know that you’re late.

If not possible don’t worry, usually the guide starts the tour in Plaza del Obispo and it takes 15 minutes to explain the first point. The next point is Calle Larios at the beginning of the street where is the statue of Lord Larios.

If you still can’t find the guide, you can go to the our tour or at the next hour, or the day after. Just let us know and we will make another reservation.

Can I come to the Free Tour with a stroller?

Yes. The historic center of Málaga is pedestrian and all the places that we visits do not have problems of mobility.

What should I bring with me during the tour?

Although in Málaga the weather is good all the year, during summer you can find some very hot days.

For this reason, we recommend to bring with you water, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Does the visit imply a great physical effort?

No, during our tours come also children or people with mobility problems and they don’t have any problems.

Additionally, our tour guides always will check that everyone feels well during the visit

What happens if it rains?

Usually if it rains, there are no problems also because in Málaga there are just two options:

Option A: It rains a little and we can do the visit without any inconvenience;

Option B: It is the Universal Flood and it seems that the sky is going to fall.

If we check that the day of the tour is expected a very strong storm, we will contact you and postpone the visit when the weather is good.

Can I go away before the end of the tour?

Don’t worry, we can understand that you can have some inconvenience and you need to leave the tour before the end.

It happened to everyone at least once.

For this reason, when you come to the tour, just let our tour guide know that you will leave before. For us the only important thing is that you enjoy while discovering Málaga for the time that you can

Free Tour Malaga - Important Information

  • In order to guarantee a good quality, all the Free Tours do not accept more than 10 people in the same booking. If you are a group of 10 or more, we recommend you one of our Private Tour where besides choosing the time you will have your own tour guide and we are sure you will have much more fun. The price would be less than 10€ per person. For more info click here.


  • Everyday we realize tours in Spanish and English. Moreover, our tour guides speak Italian, French and German. If the day of the tour there are a lot of travelers of one of these languages and we have enough guide, there could be the possibility to realize the Free Tour in one of them, but this does not happen every time. For this reason, we recommend if you want a guided tour in Italian, French or German, to book it as a Private Tour at a convenient price.
  • The booking for the Free Tour is not compulsory but we recommend to do it to be 100% sure that you have an assured spot. Sometimes, when tourists come without reservation, they have to wait for the next tour. We know that it’s a pity but we don’t like our guide take more than 25 people, it’s not respectful for who booked.


  • Also, if you want to know more about the places that we are going to visit, you can read our blog posts about the city.



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