10 best local products from Malaga

local products malaga

Are you looking for a perfect gift from Malaga? Or maybe you want to try the best the region has to offer during your stay? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have prepared a list of all local products from Malaga! So scroll down but don’t do that with an empty stomach! Some of our choices are really mouth-watering!

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1. Sweet Wine of Malaga

The sweet wine (Vino Dulce) is one of the symbols of Malaga. You cannot leave without trying it! The sweet desert wines are produced mostly from Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grapes grown in vineyards in the hills surrounding Malaga. The typical Malaga Dulce is a fortified wine which means that there has been an addition of 15-22% alcohol to the natural wine.

sweet wine malaga

Sweet Wine of Malaga has a very long history and is famous not only in Spain but all over the world. For a long time this wine has been treated as a medicine. And although now we know that it may not necessarily bring us back to health, it can certainly improve our mood a little bit.

You can find Sweet Wine of Malaga in many shops with local products or even most supermarkets. But if you want to taste it the way the locals do visit Antigua Casa de Guardia. This old-school bar with allow you to try the wines straight from the casks.

If you want to learn more about Malaga Wine we recommend a visit in the Wine Museum, check this post for opening hours and prices.

2. Axarquía raisins

axarquia raisins

If we’re talking about wine we cannot forget about another product made with grapes – raisins. Axarquía raisins are reknown for the exceptional quality and taste due to the perfect climate and soil conditions. There even exists the 62,5 km Route of the Raisin passing through the villages which produce the best grapes.

You can try to find Axarquía raisins at Atarazanas Market, open Mon-Sat from 08:00 to 15:00. Address: Calle Atarazanas, 10.

3. Goat cheese from Malaga

Spanish cuisine wouldn’t exist without tasty cheeses. One of the most exceptional local products from Malaga is goat cheese. Thanks to the milk of goats breed in the region, the Malaga goat cheeses are attracting connoisseurs from the whole country. You can find a whole range of products with varied maturation, colors, favours and textures. One of the more interesting ones are definitely Malaga cheese curds so give it a go and try this local delicacy.

goat cheese from malaga

4. Molletes from Antequera

The most delicious breakfast you can eat in Malaga is a sandwich made with a special soft round bread from Antequera. You can enjoy your Mollete with ham, cheese and tomato or any of your favourite ingredients. Or you can simply eat it lightly toasted with a drop of olive oil and accompanied by a cup of coffee.

You will find Molletes from Antequera in most supermarkets and local panaderias.

5. Purple Carrot

purple carrot

The morá carrot (purple carrot) has been brought to Andalusia by the Arabs. It is much bigger than it’s orange sister and you can be eat it raw, in salads, fried, cooked or grilled. These carrots are farmed in the area called Cuevas Bajas and they even have their own festival – the farmers pay tribute to the Purple Carrot every first Sunday of December.

6. Ajobacalao from Vélez

Ajobacalao from Vélez is a product typically associated with Easter and the Holy Week – Semana Santa, which is very much celebrated throughout Spain. During Semana Santa men are carying enormous thrones with figures of Jesus and St. Mary in the procession through the streets. Since it’s quite a challenge, when the procession stopped the carriers ate Ajobacalao to regain their strenght. Ajobacalao is made of garlic, paprika, chilli, cod, olive oil and bread beaten together to create a paste. Typically you should eat it with a toast or cheese.

7. Olives from Alora

No dinner, lunch or afternoon drink in Spain can be complete without a plate of olives. They are the most common tapa served with your wine or beer. You will soon discover that the olives in Spain simply taste better! The special vinegar with herbs as well as exceptional quality of local products make the olives from Alora the only ones in the whole country with a protected appellation. You have to try them!

8. Huevas de Caracol from Villanueva del Trabuco

Here comes one of the most peculiar items on our list of the local products of Malaga. Huevas de Caracol are nothing other than… snail roe or snail “caviar”. Many call it “White Pearls of Andalusia” and consider it a true delicacy. It comes in small jars but be careful because it can be quite pricey.

9. Cane honey from Frigiliana

Not many people know that Malaga region is the only place in Europe which produces cane honey. It is obtained from sugar cane, plant from south-east Asia which was brought to Andalusia by the Arabs. The only place that produces cane honey is Nuestra Señora del Carmen Sugar Factory in Frigiliana. Apart from being a perfect addition to desserts and other meals, sugar honey has many significant helth benefits. The municipality of Frigiliana holds a Cane Honey Day every year. During the festival you have a chance to learn about the production process of this unique honey.

10. Fig Bread from Coín

The recipe for the fig bread was brought to Andalusia by the Muslims. The most famous fig bread comes from the area of Coín where people cultivate figs. The bread is so easy to make and transport that it’s one of the most popular souvenirs people bring from Malaga.

We hope that you will be able to try all the local products from Malaga and find perfect souvenirs from your stay. If you would like to discover this beautiful city with us book your free walking tour here!



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