Markets in Malaga

markets in malaga

Malaga, as a lot of cities in Spain, is full of amazing markets to visit that reflect the culture and the past of the city. 

Shopping in one of the markets around Malaga is a very incredible and fun experience, much more interesting if we compare with a shop in a normal supermarket. Each market offers something unique: seafood, tropical fruits, meat and vegetables as well as art and local and artisan products. 

fruits of malaga

There is no better place to really feel like a local and discover the authentic spirit of the city. 

For this reason, we have prepared a list of the best markets in Malaga so go ahead and prepare your shopping list!

Indice de la Entrada

1. Mercado Central de Atarazanas

mercado central atarazanas

The Atarazanas market is the main market of the city, destination of both locals and tourists. Its particular name comes from the Arabic and reflect its old function; in fact, atarazanas means shipyard and this because what we see nowadays during Muslim times was the shipyard of Malaga! 

Now that you know its origin, when you will visit the market for sure you will wonder one thing…where’s the sea then? Approximately 125 years ago the sea was closer to the main entrance, but today it is two kilometers further from there!

The Atarazanas market is one of the main landmarks of Malaga and inside you can find a lot of delicious food to taste. It is a food market divided in three parts: the meat part on one side, the fish in the middle and fruits and vegetables on the other one.

The fish is the star of the market; walk through its little stands, admire all the variety of fishes that you can find and, be ready for the strong smell of fish!

Regarding to the fruits and vegetable you will find here some typical products like mangos and avocados that grow regularly here thanks to the tropical weather of Malaga.

Walking around the market you will notice for sure its enormous glass window built during the 18th century, where you can also see all the main landmarks of Malaga painted on it. 

The Atarazanas market is also famous for its tapas, some of the best ones that you can ever eat here in the city. For this reason, we recommend you to visit it also for lunch. 

If you visit the Atarazanas market on Monday, you will notice that the central gate dedicated to the fish is closed, since on Sunday people don’t go fishing.

What we can recommend you if you can, is to come back also another day of the week to explore this part too!

It is open from Monday until Saturday from 08:00 to 15:00. Address: Calle Atarazanas, 10.

2. Mercado de Salamanca

mercado de salamanca

Our next market to visit in Malaga is Mercado de Salamanca. It is a food market very popular among locals but not that much among tourists, if we compare it with the Atarazanas.

In any case, it’s really worth the visit and we are sure you will feel like a real malagueño here! 

Even if the market seems a very antique market in Malaga, it was built between the 1922 and 1925 in a neo-arabic style. It has one main gate and a spectacular entrance that will leave you speechless. 

popular market food

The market is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 15.00. Address: Calle San Bartolomé, 1.

3. Mercado el Carmen

mercado el carmen

El Mercado el Carmen is another food market in Malaga. It is considered by the locals the best one if you want to buy fish and seafood. Located in El Perchel neighborhood, this market has been working for 140 years. 

As for the Atarazanas market, el Mercado el Carmen offers a wide variety of food: from fish and seafood to meat and vegetables and the prices of the products are affordable for everyone. 

The market has also a section where you can eat some of the best and the fresh food of Malaga and the locals sellers will help to make unique the visit of this place!

traditional food

It is open from Monday until Saturday from 08:00 to 16:00. Address: Calle la Serna, 3.

4. Guadalhorce Organic Market

street market

The Guadalhorce Organic Market is the next one in our list; it is an open air market in Malaga which is part of a network of organic farmer markets. 

It is our last food market in the list and it is the best one for people who use to buy organic fruits and vegetables, spices, olive oil and plants

Since it is part of a chain of markets, in Malaga it is organized only twice per month: the second Saturday of the month at the Paseo Reding of La Malagueta and the fourth Saturday of the month in Parque Huelin

The opening hours are from 10.00 to 14.00 

5. Cortijo de Torres

cortijo de torres

Cortijo de Torres is the biggest flea market in Malaga

It is an open air market where you can literally find everything that you want; shoes, clothes, jewellery, knick-knacks, CDs, furniture and antiques. 

Moreover, it is possible to find food, fruits and vegetables or flower. It has literally everything that you could look for!

It is considered the best flea market in Malaga and for this reason, people from all over the province come to visit it. Be ready for a little bit of crowd!

flea market in malaga

This market is located next to Recinto Ferial, and it is organized every Sunday from 10.00 to 15.00. You can easily go there by bus.

6. Made in Soho

made in soho

Made in Soho is the last one in our list of markets in Malaga. 

It is an open air market that takes place is the Soho neighborhood of the city, very close to the city center.  Made in Soho is an art and craft street market where are exposed all products “Made in Málaga”, in order to promote the local craftsmanship. 

In the market you can find and buy every kind of articles: art and crafts, local products, clothes and so on; it is impossible to leave it without buying something!

Made in Soho takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 10.00 to 15.00. Address: Calle Tomás de Heredia.

Markets in Malaga on Sunday

If you will be visiting Malaga during the weekend, as lot of tourists use to do, and you want to visit one of the food markets that we have showed you in this article, we recommend you to change your plan! 

If you walk around Malaga on Sunday, you will notice that this is the “day off” of the city; in fact, all the shops are closed and the food markets too

The best option is to postpone the visit to the next day and find an alternative plan; even if the shops are closed, there are still a lot of things that you can do since it’s the free entry day of the majority of the museums and the attractions. 

Discover which attractions are free on Sunday reading this article or join us in our Free Walking Tour; we will let you discover Malaga and the Atarazanas market as a real local, helping you to create unforgettable memories of your vacations!

Enjoy Malaga!

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