Facts about Malaga you need to know

facts to know about malaga

Malaga is a city that you should visit at least once in your life but…what do you need to know before going there? Which are the most interesting facts to know about Malaga?

I am pretty sure that all of us before visiting a new city go to look for “survival tips” and useful info to have an amazing vacation without any problems.

For this reason, this post is dedicated to all the facts you should know about Malaga before visiting it.

So let’s just start! 

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What should I not miss in Malaga?

Malaga is the Capital of Costa del Sol and it’s a very unique city with a lot of monuments and famous places that you must visit. 

What you should not miss:

  • Visit the Cathedral of Malaga: la Manquita is one of the symbols of the city with a very special history and structure. You just have to go there and discover why;
  • Discover the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle: amazing evidence of the Muslim past of Malaga;
  • Explore the Roman theatre;
  • Walk around Calle Larios;
  • Visit Constitution Square: the main square of Malaga
  • Eat Tapas in Atarazanas market;
  • Taste Churros in Casa Aranda;
  • View point of Gibralfaro;
  • Stroll around the Paseo Maritimo and la Malagueta;
  • Eat espetos in Pedregalejo;
  • Drink Sweet wine at el Pimpi or Casa del Guardia;
  • Visit the Picasso Museum and Plaza de la Merced.

What food is Malaga famous for?

If you’re a food lover, you will find here one of the most interesting facts about Malaga. The gastronomy of Malaga is part of the Mediterranean cuisine. You will find many products in common with Italy or Greece, but you will find many others particularly characteristic of the city.

Some of the dishes that you must try are:

  • Espetos: grilled sardines skewers. You will mainly found them in the chiringuitos all along Malaga beaches (link post).
  • Ensalada Malagueña: a delicious salad made with potatoes, oranges, olives, onion and salted codfish;
  • Fritura Malagueña: different kinds of fried fish (squids, anchovies, adobo, codfish);
  • Olives: at Atarazanas market you will find a great variety of delicious olives to taste;
  • Seafood and fish.

Additionally, some typical products that you will find in Malaga are: 

  • Avocados: all around the province there are several avocados’ plantations;
  • Tropical fruits: because of the tropical weather of Malaga, you are going to find here a lot of tropical fruits like mangos, dragon fruits or chirimoya.
malaga facts

Is Malaga good for shopping?

Besides of sun and beaches, Malaga is also a good destination for shopping. You will find here shopping malls, second-hand shops, famous chain stores and typical local boutiques. 

If you want to know which are my favourites, visit this post.

What is the main shopping street in Malaga?

The main shopping street of Malaga is without any doubts Calle Larios (Lord Larios Street), that is also the main street of the city.

Is Malaga expensive?

One of the reasons why Malaga is famous, is because it is really cheap. All the tourists that come to visit the city are positively surprised at how cheap the lifestyle is: the food, the stores, the bars and the alcohol too 😝

Of course, if you’re not on a budget, you will find also more expensive alternatives.

How many days do you need in Malaga?

Even if Malaga is one of the main cities in Andalusia, is not one of the biggest. Additionally, all the main attractions are located in the city center.

For this reason, if you want just to visit the main points of Malaga, it is very easy to do it in two / three days.

During this period you can explore all the center, lie on the Malagueta beach, visit some of the main museums and admire one of the amazing views from the Gibralfaro viewpoint.

Is Malaga safe?

Even if relatively big, Malaga is a safe city at day and at night. According to my personal experience, you can visit the city by yourself or also come back home alone and nothing happens.

However, there are some neighborhoods in the northern part of Malaga that are considered “dangerous” as, for example, la Palmilla.

What do you drink in Malaga?

Walking around you will notice that the majority of people use to drink beers in Malaga, as in Spain in general.

However, the city is famous also for other drinks; you have to taste the famous sweet wine of Malaga, or drink the vermouth that you can find in every pub, bar or restaurant. 

Is it safe to drink tap water in Malaga?

One of the important facts about Malaga regards the tap water. The tap water in Malaga is drinkable, however I have to tell you that the taste is not the best one. For this reason, a lot of people prefer to buy bottled water or to buy a water filter.

What is the best area to stay in Malaga?

There are quite nice areas where you can stay in Malaga:

  • City center;
  • La Malagueta;
  • Soho Neighborhood;
  • Huelin;
  • Pedregalejo;
  • El Palo

What is the best time to visit Malaga?

Because of the weather of Malaga, actually you could visit the city at every moment. You should be very unlucky to come and find bad weather, since it rains only around 30 days per year. 

Of course, if you come in winter, you can find really windy days that can be annoying. Moreover you have to consider that January is the coldest month of the year when the temperature can reach the 7 degrees ( not so bad though but remember, this is Malaga 🤭)

In my opinion, the best time to visit Malaga is in Autumn and Spring.

Months like July and August can be extremely hot with a medium temperature of 31 degrees, but we have to say that it is also the perfect moment to go to the beach swimming. 

So basically, it’s up to you and your preferences; if you prefer something in the middle, Autumn and Spring are the best seasons, if you want to enjoy the hot weather, then Summer is the perfect option for you.

Is Malaga a party town?

Whether you’re a tourist or a student, you have to know that Malaga is one of the party cities in Andalusia. There are various discos, pubs and bars in the center where you can spend an amazing night with your friends.

Moreover, if you want to try something different, you can also go to Torremolinos and Marbella, perfect places for beach clubs. 

If you know more, check our blog post about Malaga nightlife guide. 

Is Malaga worth visiting?

We can all agree that the answer here is subjective but in my personal opinion, Malaga is one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited. 

There’s everything you need; the center is walkable and small, is cheap, there’s the beach and the weather is always amazing. You will find just few weeks per year where the weather is bad. 

I think is the perfect city if you’re escaping from the cold and you just want to relax. Plus, the vibes that you feel in Malaga are very positive, as the people all around.

Before finishing the post, I want to answer in this section some survival questions that you will need when visiting Malaga.

How do you order a drink in Spanish?

When you go to a restaurant or a pub and you want to order something to drink you can say: 

Yo quiero.. (I want…) or Para mi …(For me …) plus what you want to order: cerveza (beer), vino tinto (red wine) or agua (water). 

To order beer, you have different ways; if you say “una cerveza por favor” (one beer, please) the message is clear but everyone will understand that you’re not from Malaga. 

If you want to feel like a local, try to use words like “una caña” (20cl) or “una jarra” (50cl) and you can say to the waiter: “ponme una caña/ jarra por favor”. 

How do you ask for the bill in Spanish?

When it’s time to pay, you just need to say: “ la cuenta por favor ” (the bill please) and that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this post about facts to know about Malaga and I hope these tips will be useful for you to don’t feel lost in the city.

If you have some question that we didn’t answer or sone additional facts about Malaga that you can tell us, just write it in the comment section and we will help you!

Enjoy Malaga!



I love Málaga and its surroundings, I hope I can help you with tips from my experiences.

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