Best places to watch the sunset

We made a list with the best places to watch the sunset near Malaga. There are some things that are universally nice, that you can do no matter where you are right now. One of those things is looking at sunsets.

We created a list for the best places to watch the sunset. With a beautiful view and on the perfect spot you can enjoy the sunset.

Mirador de Gibralfaro

The Gibralfaro castle is definitely a must-see during your stay in Málaga (and you can enter free of charge on Sundays after 14:00). So why not combine your visit there with a nice sunset? However you may not be able to catch a sunset directly from the castle itself since it might close before then.

That’s not a problem however. A bit down the hill you’ll find a viewpoint, the “Mirador de Gibralfaro”, from which you still have an amazing view over the city. Our recommendation would be to visit the castle and then, on your way down, stay at the viewpoint to catch the sunset.

Do you want to know more about the prices and opening times go to our blog about Gibralfaro castle.

Best places to watch the sunset

Muelle Uno

While being at the Muelle Uno may not give you the best view over the entire city, you definitely have various ways of spending the time there; you can get a drink and something to eat, you can stroll through the different stores or you can just sit down and relax. And although you aren’t high up, looking over the water as the sun sets is still going to be beautiful.

You also get a different view every day depending on what is going on at the port at the time, what ships are currently there etc.

Best places to watch the sunset

El Balneario

If you are looking for a special place at the beach to enjoy the end of the day, we recommend the restaurant El Balneario – Baños del Carmen. You have a nice view of the beach, Málaga, and the mountains in the back where the sun will go down.

It’s a bit further out of the city, can be easily reached by bus tho. It is a popular place with locals and is well known for its great atmosphere.

Best places to watch the sunset

Rooftop bars

Do you want to have a good time and maybe a few drinks while you are waiting for the sun to go down? Why not look for a rooftop bar? That way you are high up for a good view without having to cut short the comfort.

The most famous one is probably the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio, but it is definitely not the only one in the city.

Best places to watch the sunset

Monte San Anton

This is a place that is best reached by car, and it is also recommended to go together with a local, as there is no clear signage along the hiking path up the mountain.

Follow the Avenida San Antón until the end of the road; you can leave your car there. From there it is another 30-40 minutes hike until you reach the top, the Cruz en el Monte San Antón, so be sure to bring enough water for the hike! The view will be worth it however, as you not only get to see the entire city but also the surrounding mountains and the coast line.

Sunset view

If you are interested in doing a walking tour through Málaga click here.

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