Best places to watch a sunset

We have created a list for the best places to watch a sunset – because there is nothing more beautiful than Málaga in rays of the setting sun. Surely these spots will allow you to enjoy the stunning views and colors and make your stay in Málaga truly memorable. 

best places to watch a sunset in malaga

Go ahead and read about our favorite places to watch the sunset and be prepared to take some breathtaking photos!

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1. Mirador de Gibralfaro

The Gibralfaro castle is definitely a must-see during your stay in Málaga (and you can enter free of charge on Sundays after 14:00). So why don’t you combine your visit there with a nice sunset? Although you may not be able to catch it directly from the castle since it might close earlier, it’s not a problem. A little bit down the hill you’ll find a viewpoint, the Mirador de Gibralfaro, from which you still have an amazing view over the city. We would be to visit the castle and then, on your way down, stay at the viewpoint to catch the sunset.

mirador de gibralfaro

Opening hours:
Summer(1 June to 30 Sep): 9.00-20.00
Winter(1 Oct to 31 May) :  9.00-18.00 

Normal: 3.50€
Combined visit Alcazaba – Gibralfaro: 5.50€
Reduced admission*: 1.50 €
Free visit every Sunday from 2pm until closing time.

For the location of the viewpoint click here.

2. Muelle Uno

Although the Muelle Uno may not give you the best view over the entire city, you definitely have various ways of spending the time there. You can enjoy a walk around the port, get a drink and something to eat, you can stroll through the different stores or you can just sit down and relax. And although you aren’t high up, looking over the water as the sun sets is still going to be beautiful!

muelle uno

3. El Balneario

If you are looking for a special place at the beach to enjoy the end of the day, we recommend the restaurant El Balneario – Baños del Carmen. You have an amazing view of the beach, Málaga, and the mountains in the back where the sun will go down.

el balneario

It’s a bit further from the city center but you can easily reach it by bus. It is a popular place with locals and it’s well known for its great atmosphere. Check their menu here.

restaurante balneario

4. Rooftop bars

Do you want to have a good time and maybe enjoy a few drinks while you are waiting for the sun to go down? So why don’t you look for a rooftop bar? That way you are high up for a good view without having to cut short the comfort.

rooftop bars

The most famous one is probably the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio, but it is definitely not the only one in the city. You can also check Batik hotel terrace and Terraza Nómadas.

ac hotel malaga palacio

5. Monte San Antón

Monte San Antón has to appear on our list of the best places to watch a sunset as it offers the best panorama of the entire city. The easiest way is to reach it by car, it’s also recommended to go together with a local as the patch up the mountain is not clearly marked.

monte san anton

Follow the Avenida San Antón until the end of the road; you can leave your car there. From there it is another 30-40 minutes hike until you reach the top, the Cruz en el Monte San Antón.  Alternatively you can take a bus either to El Palo (3 or 11) and walk from there (around 1,5h) or take the bus 29 that stops close to the hiking trail. Monte San Antón is a little challenging  due to lose rocks so be sure to wear sport shoes and bring enough water. The view will be worth it however, as you not only get to see the entire city but also the surrounding mountains and the coast line.

views monte san anton

If you’re not a hiking enthusiast or simply prefer something closer to the city center choose Monte Victoria, located just 30-40 mins walk from the center.

monte victoria

We hope that you will have a chance to enjoy the amazing views of Málaga with out list of best places to watch sunset. If you would like to get to know Málaga a little better and join our adventure book a free tour with us!

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