The Best Italian Restaurants in Malaga

best italian restaurants malaga

Are you visiting or living in Malaga and you would like to eat in the best Italian restaurants of the city? This is the perfect place!

You are going to read one of my favourite blog posts since here in Málaga Adventures we are great lovers of Italian gastronomy.

Today you are going to discover some of the best Italian restaurants in Malaga.

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Which one is the best Italian restaurant?

Although there are several restaurants that claim to be “Italians”, just few of them can transport us to Italy for a dinner, letting us taste the authentic cuisine.

That’s why today I will write you our list about best italian restaurants in Malaga, with a budget affordable for all kind of pockets; with 12/18€ per person, you can spend an incredible night. 

By the way, if your favourite italian restaurant is not in the article or you want to share with us your experience, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Let’s get started!

La Mafia “Se sienta en la mesa”

How is the restaurant?

The first restaurant in the list is la Mafia and to be honest, the first time that I discovered it, it sound a little bit strange and I didn’t know what to expect. Would Don Vito Corleone be there?

Its location is one of the best ones; it is one of the Italian restaurant in the center of Malaga, in Calle Comania, 40 meters far from Constitution Square.

When you pass in front of it, the restaurant doesn’t look very big but inside it has two wide floors more a space that looks like a kind of “closed terrace”, separated from the rest. 

This space is perfect for booking if you go with a group of friends of with your couple since you have a lot of privacy; I went there with some friends and they were all delighted. 

The highlights are: the decoration, the waiters’ uniform and the presentation of the food.

Moreover, if you are a lover of “The Godfather”, this is a place that you will love!

How is the food of La Mafia? 

The food in La Mafia is delicious; I have been a lot of times trying almost everything on the menu, and I have never been disappointed. 

It is not a simple pizzeria but an authentic Italian restaurant where you can try starters (antipasti), risotto, pizzas, fish, salads and homemade desserts.  

If you haven’t been yet, I am sure that after the first time it will be one of your favourite restaurants in Malaga. 

My suggestion:

The place has much more charm during the night and, if you go during the week, is so much quieter.

Moreover, if you go with someone, share your plates; it is a place worth trying more than just a pizza. 

My favourite dishes

  • Tagliatelle with spicy exotic chicken: chicken, eggplant, dried tomato, basil, pepper and a delicious exotic Chef’s sauce with chili;
  • Iberian Truffle Risotto: truffle cream with 100% Iberian ham;
  • Venice Pizza: Mozzarella, gorgonzola, emmental, dried tomato ,grilled chicken, caramelized onion and nuts.

The evaluation

La Mafia is my Top 5 because it is outstanding in every aspect. The price-quality ratio is really good. It is not the cheapest in the list but the price is worth it; with 16/18 € you will eat some very delicious dishes.

If you want to book or just check the menu, visit the website.

No Solo Tapa

no solo tapa malaga

Let me introduce you one of the youngest Italian restaurants in Malaga. It is barely a year old but it managed to have a steady clientele very quickly and, as you will see, there are many reasons for this.

How is the restaurant?

As the name says, it’s “not only tapas”. If you see it from the outside it seems the typical place for eating tapas and drink a beer in the city but it is not like that at all. 

Since the first time I went, it has become one of my favorite places to add to my list of personal whims. 

“No solo tapa” is a family-run restaurant with a familiar atmosphere; the mother is the main cook and the two sons are in charge of the kitchen and take care of the guests.

Surely, if you go there you will be attended by Massimo, one of the managers of the restaurant who gives a spectacular table service. 

Massimo usually use to ask the diners about their tastes in order to suggest what dish they might fall in love with: for sure, when Igo with my friend he always gets it right and gives great recommendations.

How is the food?

The price-quality ratio is outstanding. The dishes cost around 9€; it is home cooking and, for this price, you won’t find nothing better in Malaga. 

Moreover they have two menus: one of 7€ and one of 9€ and the difference is that the second one includes first and second course. 

My suggestion:

Try the Italian wine of the house, it is delicious!

My favourite dishes

  • Gnocchi with pesto: Massimo’s mother makes them and they are incredible, the best I have ever tasted…Just talking about it, it’s making me hungry; 
  • The meat and vegetable lasagna;
  • Olive all’ascolana: a kind of olive croquette filled with meat and fried.

My evaluation

There is no excuse not to go: it is cheap and the food is incredible. What more can you ask for?

I have tried almost all the menu and the food is very good. The only negative aspect that I can find is that although the pizzas are cheap and good, they cannot compete with the other pizzas in this list of best italian restaurants in Malaga; the restaurant does not have a wood owen and pizza is not their main dishes in the menu. 

This restaurant is the best for changing some informal “tapeo” with friends into a meal or tapeo with an original italian flavour! 

Terra Mia

For a lot of Italians living or visiting Malaga, Terra Mia is somthing like “The Mecca of Pizzas in Malaga”.

It is one of the Italian restaurants in Malaga old town located a few meters from the Catedral, in Calle Molina Larios 3. 

Its owners and very friendly waiters are Italian, as it is many of its steady clientele since, without any doubts, you are in front of one of the best italian restaurants of Malaga.

Even if they have a great variety of dishes, their speciality is pizza.

italian restaurants in malaga old town

Their pizza chefs are Neapolitans and they prepare the dough by hand and then put it in a wood oven. These pizzas have nothing to envy to those you can try in any pizzeria in southern Italy.

How is the food?

Terra Mia has a great variety of pizzas and they are quite big, For this reason, it would be a good idea to go with some friends, order different pizzas and sharing them. You will find from the classic ones as margherita to some with special and delicious ingredients. 

My favourite pizzas

  • A´zucchina: zucchini cream, smoked mozzarella, speck provolone cheese and pepper.;
  • Terra Mia: Buffalo mozzarella, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, pepper, oil and basil;
  • La Ghiottona (my favourite): rocket, cherry tomatoes, burrata, Parma ham and parmesan flakes.

My suggestion

It is a place where at every bite you will taste Italy but, I have to tell you that, on Friday and Saturday it is quite busy. For this reason, it is better to go a little before rush hour, to avoid waiting in a long line. 

Osteria Angelino

The history of this restaurant begins in Rome, close to the Colosseum. It is a chain of restaurants located in different cities: Rome, Milan, Malaga and Lima. 

italian restaurants malaga

In Malaga we find it since 2012 in Calle Pedro de Toledo 4, few minutes from the Cathedral. 

If you walking in the center, you cannot miss it!

The staff is talian and very friendly. If you like wine, they have a long Italian wine list and the maitre will be able to suggest you the best one according to your taste. 

How is the food?

Its dishes are 100% Italians and specifically it is Roman cuisine. 

Its main dishes are “Bucatini all´amatriciana”, “Rigatoni alla carbonara” y, el plato típico de Roma, “Cacio e Pepe”.

Moreover, there are a lot of of starter as: la Bruschetta con pomodoro e ricotta” (grilled bread with tomato and cheese) and “Fiori di zucca fritti” (fried pumpkin flowers).

My suggestion

If you like Italian cuisine, you have to visit this restaurant and you have to try their homemade desserts! One of the best is Tiramisù (made with coffee, mascarpone cheese and cookies). It’s my favorite!

For booking check this website.

Trattoria Mamma Franca

Another Italian restaurant in Malaga with homemade cuisine, this time from Calabria (one of the regions of southern Italy), is Trattoria Mamma Franca.

italian restaurant near malaga

It is located in Avenida Imperio Argentina 7, a little bit further from Carretera de Cadiz, in the west part of Malaga. If you go from the center, I recommend you have to go by bus or by car, otherwise you can just have a long walk all along the Misericordia beach, since the restaurant is close to the Paseo Maritimo. 

There are different dishes and starters but, what I can recommend you is Caprese di Bufala (a dish made with mozzarella, tomato and basil, very typical in southern Italy). 

How is the food?

The restaurant has a great variety of dishes but what I love more is the Burrata, a kind of mozzarella with a soft heart like a cream…delicious!

Among all the pasta that they have, I want to highlight the Ravioli (pasta filled with meat or ham).

For more info or booking, check the website.

Restaurant Pizzeria “Il Colosseo”

This restaurant doesn’t catch your attention if you walk nearby but, when you enter, its tables and decorations bring you to Italy and when you will taste the dishes, you will fall in love

italian restaurant near malaga centre

It is located in Calle Calle Calderería 8, and it is another italian restaurant near Malaga centre.

How is the food?

For this restaurant, I can recommend you mainly pasta:

  • Fagottini Tartufo e Gorgonzola: pasta filled with cheese and truffle sauce;
  • Risotto ai funghi porcini: rice with mushroom;
  • Gnocchi alla sorrentina: a homemade pasta with natural tomato, mozzarella and basil.

There is also a great variety of Italian wines.

My evaluation

Price-quality ratio is one of the best one in Malaga.

Additionally, if you have room to eat something more I recommend you the Panna cotta (literally cooked cream) a typical italian dessert from Piemonte ( a region of northern Italy). 

The price is quite cheap for a restaurant in the center of Malaga. 

Here finishes our list of best Italian restaurants in Malaga.

I hope you liked it and I hope that there is no excuse anymore to take a walk in Malaga and end the night having dinner in Italy.

If you like the post, share it with some people that you want to go to eat with, or tell us your experience in the comment section. 

Buon Appetito!



I love Málaga and its surroundings, I hope I can help you with tips from my experiences.

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