What to do in Malaga during your stay?

What to see and what to do in Malaga in 3 days? You will fall in love with Malaga!

The capital of the Costa del Sol is not only sun and beach. There are many plans that can be carried out both in the city and throughout its province. That is why, together with its enviable climate, it has become one of the fashionable destinations in Europe in recent years, everyone wants to know it.

Although its main attraction is its beaches, the city has mountains, museums, sports and leisure attractions that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

In this post “What to do in Malaga” you will discover the best activities you can do in this beautiful city.

Let’s go!

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1. Visit the Alcazaba of Malaga

Without a doubt, they are two of the most emblematic monuments of the city. The Alcazaba is a fortified citadel with a double ring of walls that made it an impregnable fortification during the reconquest. The Catholic Monarchs had to carry out one of the most tedious sieges of the Reconquest in order to take it.

Its labyrinthine walls, Muslim palaces, towers and gardens make it a place with a special charm where you can contemplate all the beauty of Nasrid architecture.

visita alcazaba

Our recommendation – The best way to get to know the Alcazaba is on a guided tour where you will not only visit the monument but also learn about its history and curiosities in an entertaining and enjoyable way. At Málaga Adventures you can visit the Alcazaba for only €10.

2. The Cathedral of Málaga

Known as “La Manquita” because one of its towers is missing, Malaga Cathedral is considered one of the jewels of the Andalusian Renaissance.

This temple was ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs where the old Alhama mosque was located and was being built for several centuries. It is for this reason that the cathedral has a mixture of different artistic styles such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

3. Darse un paseo por las playas de Pedregalejo y El Palo

If you want to see out of the historic center and see one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Malaga you have to go to Pedregalejo or El Palo. These neighborhoods are famous because their neighbors were dedicated to fishing.

Its beautiful houses in front of the sea force you to take a walk along its beaches and end up sitting in one of its beach bars to try the famous sardine skewers, a delicacy of Malaga cuisine.

The best way to get to these neighborhoods from the historic center is by taking bus number 11 or renting a bike.

Do you want to know which are the best beach bars in Malaga? Then you will be interested in these posts:

4. Visit the Atarazanas Market

It is the Central Market of the city and its name comes from the Arabic meaning “shipyard” and is due to the door that has been preserved from the Muslim era.

It is a building of great beauty, with a 19th century steel structure and a stained glass window with the most representative symbols, this market is one of the treasures of this city.

It is very close to Calle Larios and you can buy all kinds of products there, its specialty is its variety of fruits, vegetables and fresh fish. Everyone who visits is pleasantly surprised.

mercado de atarazanas

In addition, in recent years, some small bars have been set up inside where you can taste the typical products of the area. Visit more than recommended.

5. Take a Free Tour

This recommendation is for any city to which you travel, whether it is your first trip or not, taking a free tour will always help you to know many things about the city, you will be able to get valuable advice from the local guide and you will enjoy knowing details and curiosities.

free tour

Because a trip is not just photos, it is to know the culture and peculiarities of its locals and there is no better way than doing a Free Tour.

At Málaga Adventures we do them daily at 10 and 12 in the morning. You can book here.

6. Discover some of its museums

Malaga has 37 museums, which is why it is known as “The city of museums“. It is clear that in a 3-day trip you will not be able to discover them all, but there is something for everyone.

museo malaga

But if I am forced to choose my Top 3 I would recommend:

But if you want more information about schedules, prices, days when admission is free. Enter this post: “Top 10 museums in Malaga

7. Watch a sunset from the viewpoint of the Mount Gibralfaro

Without a doubt, one of the sunsets you will never forget. And it is that from the top of Mount Gibralfaro you can contemplate incredible panoramic views of the city and the port.

The climb is not very hard and you can reach the viewpoint in just 40 minutes on foot from Plaza de la Merced.

Well here ends our post “What to do in Malaga”. We are missing many activities that we will be adding little by little. Tell us about your experience and if your favorite activity is not here, write us a comment and tell us about it. See you!

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