Top 10 museums in Málaga

If you are looking for a list of the best museums in Malaga, you’re in the right place! Malaga is one of the favourite destinations to enjoy beaches and sunbathing but, with the time, it has also become important for its cultural and artistic heritage. Besides of the historical buildings and monuments, you are going […]

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Top 5 vegan restaurants in Málaga

You think eating out when traveling as a vegan is hard? Not in Málaga. We give you a list of the best vegan restaurants in Málaga. As you may know the the majority of typical Spanish dishes include meat or seafood. However, as veganism grows more and more popular local restaurants adapt and now many […]

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Top 15 free things to do in Malaga

Malaga is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia which has a lot to offer to its visitors, even to the ones who are on a budget. For this reason, we created a list of free things to do in Malaga to let you discover all the main attractions of the city for free! […]

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Top 7 things to do in Málaga

If you are looking for the top things to do in Malaga you’re in the right place. We have prepared a list of 7 best things the city has to offer! Weather you love history and sightseeing or just want to lay on the beach Malaga’s got you covered.

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Soho Málaga, the art district

Do you love street art? Soho Málaga, a lively alternative neighborhood is a place you can’t miss! Apart from being a perfect summer destination Málaga is also an Andalusian art capital. Boasting more than 30 museums, (check out our favourites here) Málaga also provides many opportunities for the urban artists. 1. How to get to […]

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Top 5 Shopping Centers of Málaga

We’ve created a list with the top 5 shopping centers of Málaga in case you have already seen everything else Málaga has to offer or you simply need a break from sightseeing and enjoying the beach. Shopping centers are also a perfect solution on a rainy day or, on the other hand, when you need […]

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How to deal with high temperature in Málaga

If you’re planning your holidays in Andalusia you should prepare yourself for the extreme temperature in Malaga. The Mediterranean climate makes Costa del Sol a perfect destination.

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Typical Restaurants Malaga

When you come to visit Malaga, you cannot miss to taste its delicious gastronomy. For this reason I prepared a list of some typical restaurants in Malaga that you cannot miss. All around the city you will find restaurants with the cuisine for every part of the world (Italian, Asian, Greek) but what I recommend […]

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Top 6 free things to do in Málaga

Get ready for the list of the top free things to do in Málaga – because we believe that you shouldn’t pay for the best things in life! Málaga is a perfect destination if you’re travelling on a budget. With its warm weather, stunning viewpoints, the beach, parks and museums you won’t have time to […]

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Malaga Feria, Guide and Explanation – 2021

Spain – the country famous for its vibrant culture, incredible food and of course, fiestas. One of the biggest fiestas organised is La Feria, which embodies everything Spain is known for!

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