Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos Fuengirola 2020

Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos is a multicultural festival celebrating folklore and gastronomy of the nations of the World. It takes place in Fuengirola, home to more than a hundred nationalities. In 2020 34 countries will present their cuisine, history and culture. 1. When is Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos? The festival in 2020 starts on Wednesday […]

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8 fun facts about Picasso you probably didn’t know

Málaga equals Picasso. It is very difficult to visit Málaga and overlook the legacy he left behind. In this list we talk about the fun facts about Picasso. How much did you really know about him apart from his enormous legacy as a painter? Let us tell you 8 fun facts about Picasso that you […]

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New Company — New Adventure

Welcome to a new company Málaga Adventures, the touristic company from Málaga. Are you ready for an adventure? Join us and discover Málaga and Andalusia. Málaga is one of the most ancient cities in Spain. It has a rich historical heritage and a legacy that remains unknown to most visitors. There is so much to […]

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