SOHO art district

Do you love art? Contemporary art to be exact? If so, then Malaga is the right destination for you. In the SOHO art district you have everything!

With the wide variety of art centers and smaller art galleries creating a whole art district Malaga provides a wide variety of cultural events and activities.


Inspired by the Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga that is dedicated to the exhibition of artwork from the contemporary period. The Soho art district has grown into a whole nother world with buildings covered in graffiti and murals. Famous artists such as Obey D*FACE, Pejac, Faith47 and Sephard Fairey.

The illustrations are all part of the Maus (Malaga Arte Urbano Soho) project, aimed at transforming the walls of Málaga. As a matter of fact at their website ( you can find information about the artists and their inspirations.

SOHO art district SOHO art district SOHO art district


You may not want to miss out on Guadalmedina river that lines west side of Soho. The river gives space for people to express themselves as the concrete walls are covered in many graffities in addition as the district itself.

As well as the street art you can also find many art galleries inhabiting the mostly abandoned neighborhood such as JM Gallery, La Canalla studio with uniquely personal works by the artist Francisco Carmona.

SOHO art district

And of course to top it all off you can find many cafes where you can lounge at after you walked around. Get inspired and moved by art going from something you might find at an art gallery. Like to clean lines and bright colors as if came straight from a comic book that you could find at the local comic book store.

Or maybe you can end your trip with a play at the Almeda theater. The Theater is one of the most important theatre spaces in Malaga. Coupled with a full range of works: comedies, children’s shows, concerts and film screenings.

SOHO art district

Whatever you decide, a walk around Soho won’t disappoint you.

If you are interested in doing a walking tour through Málaga you can visit

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