How to deal with high temperature in Málaga

how hot is malaga in summer

If you’re planning your holidays in Andalusia you should prepare yourself for the extreme temperature in Málaga reaching even 35-40 degrees. The Mediterranean climate makes Costa del Sol a perfect destination if you want to enjoy the swims in the warm sea and sunbathing. However, if you are a little fed up with the heat already, we have prepared a list of things you can to do stay cool in Málaga.

Remember to always use your sunscreen, wear a light hat and stay hydrated to avoid getting sunburn!

Things that all Andalusian cities have in common are white walls, narrow streets and tiles – all that to help the inhabitants and tourists survive sometimes extreme temperatures in July and August. But there are some things you can do yourself to stay cool in Málaga!

1. Go for a swim

go for swim

Yes, this one seems quite obvious when temperature in Málaga becomes unbearable, but sometimes the most obvious things can be left unnoticed. You’re lucky because Málaga have several beaches so go ahead and relax a little  at the famous  La Malagueta or a hidden gem like Playa del Peñón del Cuervo.  What’s more, the beaches are filled with Chiringuitos where you can enjoy a cold drink while hiding under a parasol.  

be on the beach

2. Watch a movie in a cinema

Watching your favorite movie with some popcorn can be an excellent option to choose when you just want to relax after exploring Málaga’s attractions.

go to cinema

Please note that all films are likely to be in Spanish or dubbed into Spanish. There are no subtitles, except for films marked V.O.S.E which means ‘Original Version with Subtitles.’ These films will have Spanish subtitles and the original audio track in English, French or other languages, so check first. Those denoted V.O. are simply original version, no subtitles. If you don’t know Spanish your best bet is Albéniz movie theater on the Alcazabilla street, next to the Roman Theater.

Website: cinealbeniz.com
Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 4.

3. Have some ice cream

take ice cream

On a hot day there is nothing better than ice cream! Our suggestion would be Conico Heladeria with several shops around Málaga. One is located in the port and another on the main shopping street (Calle Granada). Not far from the Plaza de la Constitucion there is another Italian ice cream chain Amorino that also offers a great variety of flavors. Both offer vegan options so go ahead and choose your favourite!

4.Visit one of the amazing museums

go to visit museums

Málaga can easily be declared a city of museums with a total of 36 – ranging from archeology to modern art. We are sure that there is going to be something interesting for everyone. Of course all of them are air-conditioned so an hour or two visit  is a perfect opportunity to escape the hot temperature in Málaga. If you want to read more about the museums click here.

5. Drop by one of the well conditioned shopping malls

go for shopping

After visiting all the museums and monuments you might be wondering what else is there to do… With sales happening all the time your visit in Málaga might be a perfect opportunity to go on a shopping hunt! Main shopping streets you should check out are La Calle Larios and Calle Nueva. Apart from the stores all over the city center, Málaga also has different shopping centers. If you want to find out which one is perfect for you check this post.

6. Go paddle-surfing

do paddel-surf

Are you looking for a more sporty activity but want to stay cool? If so, then you should make your way down to Playa Misericordia and rent some paddling equipment at Chily Surf & Skate. It’s really cheap (around 8 euros per hour) and everybody can do it, you don’t need any previous experience.

At Playa Pedregalejo there are some restaurants where with a breakfast you can get an free hour of paddlesurf making it a nice activity filled day.

Address: Paseo de Antonio Machado, 76.
Phone: 0034 951 13 33 79

We hope that our list of things to stay cool will help you survive the days with extreme temperature in Málaga. And when the heat eases off we invite you to join our free walking tour to discover the city with us!

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