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Córdoba from Málaga in one day by train

Beautiful city views during your day trip in Córdoba.

A guide to your day trip to Córdoba from Málaga

During your visit in Malaga, there are of course a lot of great activities to do. For example eating the best tapas in the city, visiting the cathedral or exploring Malaga’s lively nightlife. In this blog we will discuss another great option: a day trip to Córdoba.

Because just over 1 hour travelling inland, we find the beautiful city of Córdoba. With over 300.000 inhabitants the third biggest city in Andaluciá. This city is definitely worth paying a visit when in Málaga. Many would think a day trip to Cordoba from Seville is the way to go. In most cases this is true. However, a day trip to Cordoba from Malaga is also a very good and accessible option.

Córdoba has a lot to offer, including a rich history. For more about that, read “Cordoba History”. For a visual impression of a Córdoba visit, check out our Instagram! 

Day trip to Córdoba

You arrive early on a Sunday at Málaga Maria Zambrano. After passing security it is time to settle yourself in the comfortable RENFE train. At 09:15 the train departs and soon it runs through the beautiful mountains outside Málaga. After two short stops the train arrives at your destination: Córdoba Central. Your one day trip to Córdoba can start.

Start of the trip

Coming off the train, you find yourself immediately among the beauty. Firstly, you walk through the Jardines de la Agricultura, a series of parks and nature, you walk straight into history. Once you enter the old city gates you find yourself in “ La Juderia”. This old Jewish neighbourhood is without a doubt worth every second of your time. Especially the white buildings and quiet ally’s will amaze you. After some time you start to feel a bit hungry. This can only mean one thing: breakfast. But don’t worry, La Juderia has got you covered. There are numerous bars around the neighbourhood with all lovely patios to relax and escape the sunshine while enjoying typical Andalusian food. 

Following this pit stop, it is time to continue exploring this beautiful city. Therefore, you make your way to the historical centre. There is certainly so much to be seen in this part of the city. On every corner there is something worth watching. Simply walk around and enjoy! Enjoy for example beautiful river view at the old Roman bridge, “Puente Romano” or climb the Torre de La Calahorra. Here you can find a stunning view over the city and the Mezquita, the most visited attraction in the city.

The beautiful streets of La Judería, with in the back ground the cathedral of Córdoba. Extremely well to wander around during your day trip in Córdoba.
La Judería, Córdoba

Mezquita and Alcázar

The Mezquita is an extraordinary combination of a mosque and a catholic cathedral in the exact same building. It is a combination of two cultures, styles and religions. This is definitely the number one must-visit in Córdoba. It is wise to book tickets in advance, since the Mezquita is often very busy. Tickets can be bought easily via different platforms, with or without guided tours. 

Since you have bought your ticket for later that afternoon, you have still got plenty of time left before you enter. So, this is the perfect time to visit Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos, the former palace of three Christian kings. This palace is famous for its beautiful gardens with loads of fountains. Walk around and enjoy the sun, the flowers and the calmness these gardens have to offer. 

During all this walking, you almost forget it is already time for lunch. To really dive into the local culture you decide to walk to Plaza de La Corredera. This square hosts many bars and restaurants on all sides. This is the perfect place to get some rest while enjoying tapas y copas!

Afternoon and night in Córdoba

After lunch it is time to head back to the Mezquita, where you will spend the next couple of hours in a mix of cultures and religions. It turns out it was worth the wait because there is just beauty everywhere. After some time in the Mezquita it is time for a refreshment. Go for one of the typical “tabernas” that are everywhere or choose for an iced coffee at the Starbucks on the other side of the street. 

Talking about refreshment: finally it is dinner time! Córdoba offers many options and almost every neighbourhood has its own hidden gems. Since the last train departs at 20:30 it is probably wise to eat somewhere on the way to the station or to choose a restaurant in the centre. This, because in the centre it is easy to pick a taxi to take you to the station. 

Since it has been a long day, you are happy to find your trainseat. After 1 hour the train arrives at the final destination: Málaga Maria Zambrano. 

After all, your day trip to Córdoba turned out to be amazing! 

Costs for a day trip to Córdoba

  • Train ticket both ways via www.renfe.com € 47,00 
  • Entrance Mezquita price via tickets.mezquita-catedral.es € 11,00
  • Entrance Palacio, available at the kiosk across the street € 5,00 
  • Breakfast* € 10,00 
  • Lunch* € 10,00 
  • Diner * € 20,00 
  • Drinks during the day ** € 10,00 

Total € 123,00

*Costs can differ per restaurant and menu

**Depends on locations and drinks 

Other attractions to visit during your day trip: 

History and culture

  • Palacio de Viana: 

This palace is unique from begin to end. Unfortunately during the trip described above, due to time issues it was not possible to visit. The palace has two floors, both full of things to discover. On the first floor there are four saloons, all dedicated to one specific Royal. The palace itself dates from the 16th century and was restored in 1928. 

The palace´s highlights are definitely its patios and the gardens where there is a lot of nature and beautiful fauna to enjoy. 

Website: https://www.palaciodeviana.com/

  • Plaza de Las Tendillas: 

Place to rest, while enjoying some typical Spanish architecture from the buildings that surround the square. Besides, there are many options to eat and drink. 

  • Plaza de Toros Los Califas

For those interested in the history of bullfighting, this is a place to go. The arena is situated close to the centre and easily accessible. 

Website: turismodecordoba.org/toros

  • Sinagoga de Córdoba:

This religious building is the home of the other religion in Córdoba: Judaism. The synagogue is located near the Mezquita and is definitely worth paying a visit. Both inside and outside offer spectacular views. Of course, there are (like in nearly all of Córdoba) patios and gardens to enjoy nature and escape the sunshine for a bit. 

Website: https://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/enclaves/enclave-monumental-sinagoga-de-cordoba

  • Templo Romano de Córdoba

Small ruins and excavations dating back to Roman rule in Córdoba. For those interested in Roman temples and ancient history, this is a must visit.

Website: https://www.turismodecordoba.org/templo-romano-de-cordoba


  • Estadio Nuevo El Arcángel: 

To visit a match of Cordoba’s team and experience the passion this city has for football. Tickets can be bought at the ticket office on match days, even just before the start of the match. Prices diver between € 10 – 25. The stadium is surrounded with typical Spanish bars to enjoy your pre match drink and snack while enjoying that pure football atmosphere. 

Website: http://cordobacf.com/

  • Córdoba Zoo: 

This zoo is situated very close to the centre of Córdoba. It is therefore easy to access and a very nice side activity to add to your list. Especially when visiting Córdoba with children, this zoo can come in handy. There is a large variety of animals and the ticket prices start at only € 5,00 for children. 

Website: https://zoo.cordoba.es/

For more day trips, activities or inspiration, take a look at our other blogs https://malagaadventures.com/blog/



I love Málaga and its surroundings, I hope I can help you with tips from my experiences.

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