Recommendations on how to visit the Alcazaba in Malaga

How to visit the Alcazaba Malaga

Nobody would doubt the fact that Malaga has a great cultural richness; a lot of civilizations with its cultures and traditions passed through this city, leaving some important traces. One of the greatest gifts that Muslims have left in the city has been the Alcazaba. 

The Alcazaba is without any doubts the heart of Malaga. You cannot leave the city without visiting it. Every year, this monument is visited by thousands and thousands of people on their way through the city.

Together with the Castle of Gibralfaro and the Cathedral, the Alcazaba dominates the scene with one of the most beautiful views of the city that you can admire while visiting the Muelle 1.

But why this monument is so important? What makes it so special? What do you have to know before visiting it? 

This and so much more info are waiting for you in this post dedicated to the Alcazaba of Malaga

So, keep reading and let yourself be transported back in time through the stories and legends of this astonishing monument.  

Here we go!

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What is the Alcazaba?

The Alcazaba is the most important Muslim heritage in Malaga, as well as one of the most important in Andalusia. The monument was the fortress and the palace of the Muslims when they conquered the city.  

In fact, the word Alcazaba comes from Arabic Al-qasba and it means a fortified palace; if you will have the opportunity to visit it, you will immediately understand why.

Once crossed the monumental door located at the main entrance, you will visit two different parts: the fortress with its narrow, labyrinthine corridors and the palace with its flowered gardens, stunning architecture and breathtaking views. 

It was built between the XI and the XV century and was inhabited by the governor, the officials of the city and the soldiers.

Alcazaba Malaga history

If you have the chance to visit Andalusia, you will be for sure impressed by its historical, artistic and cultural connection with its Muslim past.

More or less all the cities have some monuments or buildings dating back to the Muslim period: the Alhambra in Granada, the Alcazar of Seville and Cordoba and the Alcazaba of Malaga.

Alcazaba Malaga History

But why was built the Alcazaba?

In the 11th century the Caliphate of Cordoba entered a period of instability. It ended up dismembering into small kingdoms (the Taifas) that began to fight each other for the power. This kind of civil war between different Taifas is known as the “Fitna”.

During this period of instability, the Berber Taifa king, Badis ben Habus, ordered the construction of the Alcazaba, using the marbles columns and statues of the Roman Theatre that were half-buried at the foot of the Gibralfaro Mountain. 

I can assure you that you won’t find this mix of Roman and Muslim architecture in any other place. It is one of the reasons which make this place so special.

During the kingdom of Badis ben Habus was built the Alcazaba and its double ring of walls. However, the monument changed during the centuries and was extended with the construction of new parts and palaces.

It was built on a strategic point, at the foot of the Gibralfaro Mountain. Additionally, it includes the Castle of Gibralfaro and the Coracha, a walled corridor used as a strategic connection between the two monuments.

After what I told you, it is easy to understand why the Alcazaba is considered one of the most difficult fortress to conquer during the Middle Age; with its double ring of walls, towers and fortress, it was impregnable.

It is a construction of 15,000 square meters; 7.000 are dedicated to the military and civilian constructions and the remainders are gardens, silos and dungeons.

However, the fortified palace would go into decline once it is reconquered by King ferdinand and Queen Isabel in 1487. The palace continued to be used but gradually was abandoned until it was set up for restoration in the 20th century.

Where is the Alcazaba?

The Alcazaba of Malaga is in Calle Alcazabilla; here you can admire this incredible monument together with the rest of the Roman Theatre of the city. 

For more detailed info on how to go to Alcazaba Malaga, check the map. 

Alcazaba Malaga opening hours

The opening times of the Alcazaba are: 

  • From April 1st to October 31st from 9:00 to 20:00 h*
  • From 1st November to 31st March from 9:00 to 18:00 h*
  • Closed: 24th, 25th and 31st of December and the 1st of January

*The last pass is 45 minutes before closing time.

If you want more specific details check www.alcazabamalaga.com.

Alcazaba Malaga ticket prices and free entry

  • Normal ticket: 3.50€
  • Ticket Alcazaba + Gibralfaro: 5,50€
  • Reduced ticket: 1,50€  

The entrance is free on Sunday after 14.00 together with many other monuments and attractions that you can check in this post.

Tour at the Alcazaba for 6€

If you want to visit the Alcazaba, there’s nothing better than a tour

I can assure you that there is a big difference between visiting the Alcazaba on your own or with a guide; in this way, you can discover the history, the culture, the Muslim art and decoration and the hidden legends of the palace. It is an experience that you’re not going to forget very easily. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

I hope you enjoyed this post about the Alcazaba and you get to know a little bit this amazing monument! If you come to visit it, share with us your experience in the comment section. We will be happy to read it!

Enjoy the Alcazaba! 



I love Málaga and its surroundings, I hope I can help you with tips from my experiences.

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